Friday, February 24, 2006

Mozart Symphony Download
djBENZI is Back
We eat so many shrimp: Legendary Traxster
schrikdraadR: The sound of Miles Davis(Video)
Charivarious: Music Mosaic: Dee Jay: Selection of five
Vinyl Addicts: A NEW HOLY GRAIL?
The Broke BBoys: Skinnyman drops obese record
DWG: Jus Badd - Free Style
Stones Throw Records
Kanye West "Touch The Sky"(Video)

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Today's Find:
Wired News:More Sex With Girlfriend X
Celebrity Yawning [VIA Gari@Suta-GUTI]
Top 10 Strangest MP3 Players
Paris Hilton flashes panties at Tao
This Boy
YouTube - tv japan gay
Finland's Canned Fish
YouTube - Monster Abuse
Naked Ice Dancing
Virtual Girlfriend
Very New Technology
Introducing The Wool Panty
YouTube - Japanese Heros

Friday, February 17, 2006

Freemotion ≫ Dillasentials Pt.1
schrikdraadR: DUB PLATE
Prince Collection(Movie)
Prince "Oh Sheila"(remix)
Prince new single [VIA catchdubsdotcom]

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Today's Find:
Hedonistica - Japanese Crawling Robot [VIA BowBow]
Sketch Swap
Haring Coloring Book
The Art Of De-Touch
Strap-on dildo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Better Than Man
Lego Man's Secret Sex Tape
Japanese Delivery Sushi CM
Japanese Hotel CM

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Freemotion: Cut Chemist and Madlib
osn: SWV Four Inch Nails
DWG: Markey Fresh & The 45 King - Once Again It's On
Sumomofo: Funkadelic 101
from the polo fleece to the jesus piece: motherfucker this is GFK!
Miles Davis & John Coltrane "SO WHAT"(Video)

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Today's Find: [VIA NOT WILD STYLE]
A Paris, les Elegantes - Accueil
America's Next Top Model (video) [VIA]
This guy rules, so do the girls. [VIA]
Cheerleader Ninjas

Thursday, February 02, 2006

YUKI "Melancholinista"
Field Mob "So What?" [VIA @]
Plastic Little(catchdubsdotcom)
schrikdraadR: Lee 'scratch' Perry etc
count basie plays the blues [VIA schrikdraadR share the fun!]
Charivarious: John Coltrane "The Complete Impulse Studio Recordings"
Sumomofo: Funkadelic 101

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Today's Find:
PRO X FADE "Roundabout" [VIA Satememo] - Top 99 Women 2006
Office Nap -
Yatta Compilation Kelly Osbourne is Joking, Right?

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