Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ken Hirai "Desperado"
kyoto-kaimasu!: Happy End "Kaze-Machi Roman"
cocaine blunts & hip hop tapes: Kilo
The Bees/A Band of Bees "Chicken Payback (Madlib remix)" [VIA Fifteen Minutes To Live]
Young Hova - Before we all remember him... [VIA] - A New Order Web Site - Multimedia Archives

Manabe Kaori Posted by Picasa

Today's Find:
Seattle man dies after sex with horse
African Life Through Art [VIA Magnoy's Samsara]
40 Things That Only Happen In Movies [VIA The Presurfer]
Which tape did you use? [VIA Sensible Erection]
Jordan Matter: “Celebrating Women in New York City” [VIA Fleshbot]

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